Club Executives 2013
The RDBC Executive consists of 5 volunteer positions. One President, one Administrative position, and 3 director positions. Each executive is elected during our annual members general meeting in the spring and holds their position for a 2 year term. Executive duties are spread out across the board. The President position is determined by the the board itself, and the president must have had previous experience on the board before becoming president. Once the 2 year term is up, the executive must stand down for a minimum of one year, to allow for new members to become a part of the board.  

Andrew Hamilton - President


Andrew Hamilton - Director

I have a little over a dozen hives I keep on a farm north of the city. My Great grandfather moved here from Scotland and was one of the creators of the SBA (Saskatchewan Bee Association). He started down here in the Qu'Apelle Valley and eventually moved to the Nipawin area where I grew up. I spent my youth helping my grandparents and father with their bees. I find it very rewarding to be running bees in the area where my great grandfather started.

I joined the club in 2010, and started with 2 hives. Every year since I have expanded a little more. I enjoy answering bee questions and helping new members out.

Linda Kletchko - Administration
Linda Klecthko - DirectorAs mentioned in the AGM News on Page 1 and the President Report on Page 3, we have 3 new Executives. Here is a bit about each of them. Linda Kletchko and her husband Greg are located 20 miles east of Regina in the hamlet of St. Joseph’s Colony. They have been ‘beekeeping’ for going on 14 years and have often wondered who’s ‘keeping’ whom! Linda became a member of the Regina and District Bee Club in 1997 and has held different positions within the Club over the years. Linda has volunteered many years with Agribition working at Agri-Ed or the Trade Booth and admits to loving every minute of it. "It's great to see how much interest is being expressed by many in, not just the honey bee, but bees in general. People are realizing what a vital role these little gals play in the production of food and that 1/3 of all food has been touched by a bee! GO BEES!!"


Keara Lueke - Director
Keara_BistretzanThis is my second term on the board and it is sure to bring more adventures and excitement!

Many of you may know me better as Keara Bistretzan.  I am a third generation beeper.  This summer I married my long time friend and love of my life Justin, who in the course of our dating also discovered his love of beekeeping.  We live west of Regina and have kept bees together the last two years.  This past winter I experimented making my own lip balm and body butter using our beeswax.

I look forward to seeing you all at club events!

Conrad Schultz - Director (website)
Conrad_SchultzAs many experienced keepers would suggest, there's always something new to learn in the world of beekeeping! Check out my web site which explains my operation: Isis Apiaries. I'm happy to be back on the RDBC board! If you have any questions regarding the website please let me know. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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