Regina and District Bee Club

Welcome to our new executive for 2016!    

yens_beginner_course Yens Pedersen - President (term 2015-2016)
I currently have one very small urban hive which I have kept in Regina for four years.  Long before that, I grew up on a third generation commercial apiary (which my sister now operates) and spent 10 summers beekeeping.  I have enjoyed working with bees from an early age, but didn't want the work of a full sized hive, which is why I designed the micro hive (about 1/2 the size of a nuc). I enjoy educating the public about bees and have given several tours of my hive.
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mimi Mimi Mouthaan - Secretary/Treasurer (term 2016-2017)
I live just outside of Govan and work full time in Regina. I discovered beekeeping when I attended a meeting on the subject at the Regina Public Library in 2015. From there I was hooked. I have 2 small 6 frame hives and plan to add more this year.
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janine_heinrich Janine Heinrich- Director  (term 2015-2016)
Janine Heinrich lives in Regina and has been keeping bees for many years. Janine came on to the board mid-term to replace Kaylin Henry.
janine_hamilton Janine Hamilton - Director (term 2016-2017)
 My name is Janine Hamilton, I'm 26 and currently live in Regina. I work in the parts department for Industrial Truck Service, a forklift dealership. I grew up on a farm 2 hours north of Regina between LeRoy and Jansen, where I keep my bees. I have been bee keeping for one year (summer 2015), so there is still lots for me to learn. My hobbies, other than beekeeping, include camping (winter & summer), gardening, making jewellery, woodworking (just started and I love it!), and permaculture. I got my Permaculture Design Certificate last spring (2015) and really enjoy designing landscapes. I also can't stop learning, besides going to college for small engines (Wascana) and adventure tourism (Lakeland) (I'm a certified backpacker! haha) I'm currently taking Mandarin lessons at the University of Regina and in my 2nd year apprenticeship for Parts Management.
alisha Alisha Thompson - Director (term 2016-2017)
Alisha Thompson is from a seed farm at Naicam, Sk. She attending the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management. Her interest in beekeeping is a relatively new venture and began when her family started 10 new hives in 2015.
The RDBC Executive consists of 5 volunteer positions. President, Secretary-Treasurer, and 3 director positions. Each executive member is elected during our members' annual general meeting in the spring and holds their position for a 2 year term. Executive duties are spread out across the board. The President is selected by the the board itself, and the President must have had previous experience on the board before becoming President. Under the constitution, an executive member can only serve for two consecutive terms (i.e. a total of four years in a row) without taking a break of at least one year.
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