Regina and District Bee Club

How do you become a member of the Regina and District Bee Club?
Please see our Members area for more information.

How do you log in to the Members Area?
We have removed the Members Only area.  All documents are now fully accessible without having registered.

Do you have any material for Teachers?
Yes we do! Please click here for information for teachers.

I think I have bees in my house or in my yard. Can you help?
Yes we can. Please contact us. You can click here for more information on figuring out what the difference is between honey bees and other insects.

When is your next event?
Please see our Events Area for a listing of club and related events.

How do I advertise with the club?
Please see our Advertising area for more information.

How can I trade links with the club?
If you would like you link about bees or honey posted on our links area, please let us know. We would be happy to trade relative links with you.

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