Regina and District Bee Club




To become a member of the Regina & District Bee Club please fill out our Membership Form and send your cheque and the form in to us.  Here are some things to look forward to when you join the Regina and District Bee Club and here's how we are supporting southern Saskatchewans Beekeepers:

  • The RDBC is a cooperative for ordering bees
    Bee orders generally take place at the AGM (see below). You must be a paid member to order bees. Fill out this form to become a member and/or order bees
  • Annual General Meetings (AGM)
    Guest speakers, industry updates, great place to talk bee talk with new and experienced beekeepers from around the province (Meet and get to know some fellow beekeepers who can give you some advice on getting started and offer advice for your continued success in beekeeping), order supplies, books, magazine subscriptions, bees, and more
  • Drawn Comb Program
    Once you are a member you can sign up for our drawn comb program.
  • Bulk Ordering
    Members also participate in bulk orders where the cost of freight is reduced.
  • Mentorship Program
    Sign up to be a mentor or mentee. New keepers get paired up with experienced ones.
  • Introductory Beekeeping Courses
    Typically in May each year
  • Extractor Rental
    Members can rent our honey extractor
  • Field Days
    We hold Field Days to enable members to learn about beekeeping best practice methods, exchange information with other members, and have some fun!
  • Agribition
    We yearly participate in Agribition every November where we hold booth a Trade Show Booth (where you can sell your products, as a member) and at the Agri-Ed Building. The Agri-Ed Building booth allows us to promote the industry, the club, our sponsors, and more. We show live bees, present beekeeping equipment and you just might see Pierre the Bear! Club members volunteer to talk to the public about beekeeping as  well.

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Terms and Conditions of Becoming a Member of the Regina and District Bee Club

By registering with the Regina and District Bee Club (RDBC, the club) as a member of the club and the club website, you agree to:
  • Keep all information regarding member-only bee club events confidential and will not share information pertaining to these events to non-members
  • Keep all membership information (including member names, contact information, personal information) confidential
  • Not enfringe on any copyright laws
  • Consent to photographs or images of you taken at bee club events being posted on the club's website, Facebook group and newsletter
  • Not engage in abusive or defamatory conduct

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