Regina and District Bee Club

drawn_combThe Regina & District Bee Club has a small stock of drawn comb which we offer to new members to help them get started.

Many new beekeepers start out by purchasing a hive or a nuc, and then build all the remaining equipment they need. A problem arises with this process. New frames containing foundation require the comb to be drawn out (built). This is the case for both wax and plastic foundation. The issue is that the bees really have no interest in moving up into a super that contains nine frames of foundation.

In order to coax the bees up into the new super of foundation you need to alternate frames with every second frame being one which has already been drawn out. For new beekeepers the problem is where do you get that drawn comb from?

The program works like this:

  • a new member brings two brand new supers* with 9 brand new frames each (foundation included) to a designated board member
  • the new member receives one of their supers back filled with 9 frames of one year old drawn out light comb
  • the new member can then make two supers of alternating comb and foundation to be applied to their hive(s)
  • the designated board member then gets the new frames drawn out in preparation for next year
  • the designated board member receives one super of foundation from the club for every two supers of foundation they get drawn out

*  The new supers must be standard Langstroth size, (BeeMaid or Propolis equipment is preferred). The equipment should be properly constructed (supers assembled using glue, clamps and nails; frames constructed using a double staple in the top bar).

It is important for members to know that bees require around 10Ib's of feed for every pound of wax they produce, so it is important to make sure they have an adequate food supply when trying to draw out comb.


  • The RDBC will maintain a supply of between 10 & 20 supers of drawn out comb
  • Excess equipment may be sold to members at current market value as determined by the board or may be raffled off at club events
  • New members who have purchased nucs will be given preference
  • Supplies may be limited from one year to another so equipment is available on a first come first serve basis
  • Anyone responsible for getting comb drawn out must be inspected by the provincial specialist in apiculture
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