Regina and District Bee Club

bulkIn an effort to minimise the shipping costs members have to pay on orders from Beemaid the RDBC board has made arrangements for bulk orders to be shipped to Regina.

If you want to participate in a bulk order this is the process:

  • RDBC member contacts John Sochaski with Beemaid in Tisdale and submits order with the request to be included in the monthly RDBC bulk order, the member will pay for the order at this time
  • Each month's order must be submitted no later than the 25th of that month
  • Orders will be assembled and weighed by John and should arrive by the 30th of each month
  • Participants of the month's bulk order are notified of the pick up date, time and location 
  • Anyone not present at the desigated time will have to make special arrangement with Mimi Mouthaan to pick up their order
  • When a member arrives to pickup their order they will be charged their portion of the shipping based on weight (payable to the Regina Bee Club)

There is no guarantee that each month there will be multiple participants and therefore cheaper shipping. The shipping will be based on a flat rate with an added fuel surcharge. The club will pay for the shipping when the order comes in and will retain any orders that are not picked up on time or that shipping is not paid for. The percentage of shipping a member pays is based on weight, so if there is one order that is 100 Ib's and an order that is 5 Ib's the heavier order will pay more. You must pay your portion of the shipping at pickup before you will receive your order.

This arrangement has the advantage of lowering an individuals overall shipping cost (no matter the shipping method). The disadvantage to the arrangement is that an order placed at the beginning of the month would not arrive to the end of the month.

RDBC bulk monthly orders will operate from March 30 to September 30.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2016 22:24