Regina and District Bee Club

Nucs this Spring
As of April 8 we're still waiting to here from our club suppliers. If you have ordered nucs don't worry they are coming. As with every year, the first signed for nucs is the first to get them.

Board Members
Congrats to the newly elected Judy Gazda and re-elected Andrew Hamilton! The board elected Andrew as our president again this year since he's been doing a bang up job!

Guest Speakers
Geoff Wilson couldn't make it this year. Maybe next year Geoff!

Max Bowen, (Provincial Health Inspector, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region - Product Sales and Food Safety) highlighted some key points on food safety and what selling honey may look like at Agribition for the club next year.
Lloyd Harris, our in house scientist shared a great slide presentation on many general and specific analysis results from his studies and research. These results varied from bee mortality when moving bees, to the birth and death rates/cycles results from within a western Canadian beekeeping year. Awesome stuff Lloyd thank you!
John from the Bee Maid Tisdale has been busy this year. They are workgin on expanding the shop up there. Also, John offered the club a special group rate for shipping. Look to the newsletter for more information on this! (coming to you mid-April)
Cory Sheffield, Saskatchewan's own Dr of Bees" shared with us a variety of pollinator information, from honey bees to bumbles and beyond. Excellent information and we're hoping to have him come again ot another club event.

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