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some girls at the display tableour 2 new directors infron tog the club banner signBeemaid handed out keyfob lights and bee sqeeziesKeara nd Justin at registration deskColette handing out award to Doreen for Alviesnap of the tables during a talkColette Geoff giving us the low downGeoff taking about Varroa
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european_honey_beeOur annual General Meeting was a big success this year! We had dozens of members come this year, with a mix of experienced and new beekeepers.

Prizes included a painting from one of local beekeepers, 2 supers with frames and other beekeeping equipment. Beemaid also handed out free keyfob LED lights and little form honey bee hand sqeezers.

Our Provincial Apiarist also attended, and was able to speak on some basics of beekeeping and answer industry questions.

For more information on the minutes, pictures, orders please login to the members area. To become a member for 2011 click here.

Our Field Day this year will be held in Regina at an experienced beekeepers residence. Date TBA.

Note: now is the time for opening your hives, treating and feeding them!

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Hi Everyone

Last Update: Tuesday 2011-04-12

Here is a summary and recap of the 2011 AGM.


Our executive team now has 5 on the board. THANKS TO MICHELLE F and COLETTE S for all their work. We had 3 new elected positions. Welcome Jeff Linda and Daphne to the board! Their contact information is coming soon, we;re just collecting info to post on them now.
   President: Conrad Schultz (1 year left of 2 year term, elected by the board at the AGM)
   Directors: Linda Kletchko, Jeff Tholl, Daphne Murphy (2 year term each)
   Administration/Finance: Keara Bistretzan (1 year left of 2 year term)

AGM Minutes
Coming soon! The board is just approving the minutes.

Members Forum
We'll be creating a forum this year on the website for members to discuss things.

Mentor List
Keara will be calling all mentors and mentees (is that a word?) that she paired up this week. The people in these pairings are responsible for their own communnication and meetings, etc.

Nucs, Mags, and Other orders
Keara is managing the orders that you made at the AGM. More info will be posted as we find out more.

AGM Pictures will be posted here soon.

have you joined our facebook group yet?  Anyone can!
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I figured I would share an anecdote about feeding my bees this past weekend. 'Tis the season to start feeding, especially since it appears that it is a "late" year. Michelle F told me that the willows were late thos year.

IMG_6513_SMSo, taking advantage of the weather before the snow fell this past weekend, I decided to make sure that the girls had a ready supply of pollen for when the weather gets better(hopefully that will be sooner thatn later). My wife and I had checked them out about a month ago, sweatily blazing our way through waist high snow to get to their cozy little position about 300 meters off the road. At that time and snow was quite thick and we eventually had to crawl  the last 20 metres so that we didn't sink intot he white stuff (no snows shoes for us!). The bees were active on the hivs that had the sun on them, but from what I could tell all of the hives had bees.

Two days ago I went out again the snow was depleted, except for around the actually hives. My goal was to simply fill up the pollen feeder with supplement. When I arrived I found that the pollen feeder was completely filled with snow. Below is a quick drawing of my pollen feeder that I made last fall. It's made from 2 coffe tables screwed together with some boards nailed to the top. A door on the ones side lifts up so I can refill the containers that carry the pollen.

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Earlier this month the United Nations Environmental Programme released a report entitled 'Global Honey Bee Colony Disorders and Other Threats to Insect Pollinators' Report'. The report finds that multiple factors are responsible for declines in bee populations. These include habitat deterioration, air pollution, crop spraying and the widespread use of insecticides in plant cultivation. The report is found here:
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RDBC AGMThe Regina and District Bee Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on April 9, 2011 at the Royal United Services Institute of Regina, 1660 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK.  Click here to see the google map location. You can also download this map that we created.

TIME: 9:30am to 4:45pm

Please note we are asking for everyone to
RSVP prior to the meeting by THURSDAY MARCH 31st
for our food counts and seating preparations, as mentioned on the Membership Form.

To kick things off we will take care of business.  In an effort streamline this, the resolutions were posted in the Spring Newsletter (please login to the members area to see this issue); please make sure to read these as it will help move things along.

Our guest speakers this year are Bee Maid, a bee equipment outfitter who will be doing a presentation and taking orders. We also have Geoff Wilson, the Provincial Apiarist coming - Geoff will be doing two talks with us, one geared towards our newer beekeepers and one for our seasoned beekeepers.

Also to spice things up this year, our afternoon will be in a more comfy setting, ending with coffee, an open forum to ask all your questions, and
time to socialize!

There will be reference material, photos, honey tasting and othe bee products, and much more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. See you there!
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alvie_life_time_achievement_awardThe former president of the Regina & District Bee Club, Alvie Halbgewachs, received a Life Time Achievement Award at the SBA banquet, held in Saskatoon this week (Dec 1 - Dec 3/2010), from the Saskachewan Beekeepers Association.

Alvie was also presented a Life Time RDBC Membership for his outstanding commitment to the club and interests at the RDBC 2010 field day (along with a locally made honey pot filled with honey candy).

Thank you, Alvie, for all the hard work and dedication that you gave the Saskatchewan beekeeping industry over the many years!
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Excerpt taken from Science Daily

propoulis<< Professor Anant Paradkar. The healing properties of propolis -- a mixture of resin and wax made by honey bees to seal and sterilize their hives -- have been known for many years. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Bradford)

ScienceDaily (Nov. 19, 2010) — The healing properties of propolis -- a mixture of resin and wax made by honey bees to seal and sterilize their hives -- have been known for many years. But its use in medicine and food supplements has been limited because the sticky substance is not water soluble and has a strong, off-putting smell.

Now researchers at the University of Bradford's Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science have developed a way of purifying propolis that retains its medicinal properties, but makes it dissolve in water and eliminates its pungent smell. The technique has already led to the development of a new mouth ulcer gel and opens the door to a huge range of other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications for the substance.

"Propolis is a complex chemical mix and a very useful natural product," explains Centre Director, Professor Anant Paradkar, who led the research. "Propolis has been shown to be anti-microbial, anti-fungal, a strong anti-oxidant, non-allergenic and can boost the immune system. It also promotes wound healing and has anaesthetic properties.

"There is a substantial market for propolis-based products -- particularly in China, the USA and South Asia. The main stumbling block in developing products has been the solubility and odor issues, which our formulation overcomes."

Professor Paradkar's team has been developing the new technique to purify propolis in collaboration with natural medicine manufacturer, Nature's Laboratory. The researchers have helped the company develop a new propolis-based mouth ulcer gel, which has better anaesthetic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties than gels already on the market and is safe for use in children.

"A problem for mouth gels is that adhesion to the skin membrane inside the mouth is difficult -- because of the nature of the surface, the gel can simply slide off," says Professor Paradkar. "As propolis retains some of its stickiness even in a water soluble formulation, when it is applied to specific areas in the mouth, it adheres more effectively."

The Centre has gained funding for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Nature's Laboratory, to further develop the purification system for use at a larger scale and support the creation of new propolis-based products. The aim is, through the KTP, that the company will be able to set up a purification process to increase its own manufacturing capacity.

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Setting up the Agri-Ed Pavilion booth Friday Nov 19,2010.

Setting up the TradeShow Booth Sunday Nov 21,2010.


Hope to see you all there!
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2009 Agri-EdAgri-Ed
The Agri-Ed Showcase at Agribition runs from Monday, November 22 to Saturday, November 27. It is located in the Canada Centre Exhibit Mall (west side of grounds). The showcase is focused on Grades 3 to 8. Several volunteers are needed each day to answer bee-related questions from children, teachers, and the general public. The hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The club supplies a pass for you to get on grounds free of charge that day. It is very rewarding talking to the children - they love the bee booth. If you are available to work at the booth, give me (Colette Stushnoff) a call at 699-2599 or email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you don’t call me, I may call you!!

As you all know, the RDBC, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association hosts a Tradeshow Booth during Agribition in Regina.

It’s a fun week of promoting our industry.

We will once again be in the Agribition Building – Booth #123. We are still looking for volunteers to help man the booth and supply some of the products we sell there. If you can spare some time, we would love to have you. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are planning on attending Agribition....please stop by to say hello!
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