Candle Making Seminar – February 4

Candle Making Seminar – February 4

Candles at the Queen City: Candle Making Seminar

When: Sunday, February 4 from 10 AM to 4 PM

Where: Iron Worker Hall, 1138 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

Presenter: Dr. F. Barry Brown, Owner/Operator Bar2Bee Honey Ranch LTD. Roberta Wells, Bar2Bee, will assist in demonstration and troubleshooting.

Description: The workshop will lead off with a presentation on products of the hive and specifically the characteristics of beeswax. A presentation and demonstration of candle making and beeswax food wraps will take place, while the beeswax melts.

Demonstration of candle making will outline some of the many methods of making candles, materials needed and equipment required. Candle-making techniques utilized can be easily replicated at home using electric fry pans, grills and flat irons. Hands-on candle making will use several stations to allow everyone to try making different types of candles.

Demonstration of beeswax food wrap making will permit each person to make a wrap using two different techniques. Making these wraps has become very popular and again can be easily done at home. Demonstration of making beeswax hand and body crème towards the end of the workshop. This crème has proven to be successful in treating some skin aliments and you will each get a small sample to take home.

Short presentation on mead making, another product of the hive, and a tasting of three different meads.

Take home the candles you make (if the day goes as planned, a molded candle, birthday hand dipped, floater and votive), a beeswax food wrap and a sample of the hand and body creme.

The Workshop will conclude with a question period and a table with candles, honey, wax and wick for sale.

But wait, there’s more. Barry is bringing door prizes! To be won are a bottle of mead and several large candles.

Barry looks forward to sponsoring this workshop and meeting members of the Regina and District Bee Club.

Registration includes coffee and light snacks. Lunch is not included. Bring along a brown bag lunch.

Space is limited to 30 people, so it’s a members-only plus one guest per member event. $35 per person. A Member is defined as the individual who purchased a membership or Life Member as defined by our Constitution. Once 30 registrations are received, you may be put on the wait list in case of cancellation or non-payment.

The Ironworkers are giving us the space for free. We’d like to leave them with a sweet taste in their mouths of their experience with us. If you can, please bring a small container (eg. 500 g) of your honey that we can leave in a gift basket for their office staff.