Intro Course: What to Expect – April 21, 2018

Intro Course: What to Expect – April 21, 2018


This course will cover all matters to inform a person who is trying to decide whether to get into keeping honeybees. It will also provide some basic information for a person who is starting with bees this year, although it will not have the same depth as the Beginner Beekeeper Course in May. (This course is to help you decide IF you want to keep bees and to assist you with making some prelimary decisions.  The full 2 day weekend course in May is designed to teach you HOW to keep bees).

Attendees will receive some materials including an introduction to beekeeping terms and places where to get more information and resources. Weather permitting, there will be hands-on learning and demonstrations.  You may wish to bring a bee veil.

Topics covered will include:

  • Helping the bees
  • Introduction to Sask. native bees
  • Amount of work and time commitment
  • What equipment is required and cost
  • Clothing
  • Legality
  • Where to put your bees
  • “Natural beekeeping”
  • Challenges of beekeeping in Sask
  • What to do once you have a package/nuc
  • Next steps including timeline

If you would like to attend, please register online

Dates: Saturday April 21, 2018.
Lunch: Included with registration fee
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (approx)
Location: Hamilton Apiaries (click for MAP). 
 $30 CAD ($55 for non-members which includes the cost of a 2018 membership)
Directions:  from Albert Street and 9th Avenue North (Ring Road), drive 9.6 km (6 miles) north of Regina on Highway 6. Turn right (east) on to #734. Drive 3.2 km (2 miles) and turn left (north). Drive 2 km (1.25 miles) and turn into the driveway on the left. The driveway Y’s, go straight and skip the first turn.