Club Programs & Services

Programs and Services

Club Extractor Rental Program

The Club owns and rents out a four-frame extractor and refractometer. Members can save money by rent the club’s equipment instead of having to purchase their own.

In order to make the extractor rental easier for everyone, online booking is used.

Click the link to see available dates, then create a calendar entry for your own rental. While the calendar is not private, only people with that exact link can view it.

Reservations that are cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand will be charged a late fee of $50.

The extractor will be located at 2812 Fleury Street, Regina. Doreen Bradshaw will manage the rentals (Thanks Doreen!). Pickup and drop off times need to be coordinated with Doreen by contacting her at 306-539-5719 (i.e. just because you have reserved the extractor for a particular date and time, doesn’t mean she is available!)

Extractor Rental Link:

Educational Classes

The Club works with the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Corporation to offer annual Introductory
Beekeeping Classes.

Field Days

Members can visit and tour other beekeepers’ apiaries to learn from and network with other beekeepers.

Mentorship Program

New beekeepers are matched with experienced beekeepers who provide opportunities for hands-on experience working with bees, and mentorship about keeping bees.

Click Here for Full Mentorship Program Details

Informative Quarterly Newsletter

The Club publishes an informative newsletter in January, April, July and October. If features practical beekeeping tips, recent conference and training session reports, and information about past and upcoming relevant beekeeping and food safety events.

Bulk Shipping Program

The Club runs a bulk shipping program where once a month during the summer months, members can order beekeeper supplies from BeeMaid in Tisdale to save on shipping costs.

Click Here for Full Bulk Shipping Program Details

Apivar Purchase Program

The Club purchases Apivar in bulk and passes those savings along to members who can purchase individual strips at the reduced cost. The program is ideal for those with only a couple of hives. Other treatments can be ordered through the Club’s Bulk Shipping Program from BeeMaid in Tisdale.

Click Here for Full Apivar Purchase Program Details

Drawn Comb Program

The Club operates a Drawn Comb Program where members can exchange new frames and foundation for drawn out comb that has been provincially inspected.

Click Here for Full Drawn Comb Program Details

Nuc Purchase Program

The Club co-ordinates an annual order where beekeepers can purchase high-quality, locally adapted, provincially inspected nucs.

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Click Here to Order 2021 Nucs

Local Honey Sellers List

The Club publishes an annual list of local honey producers who meet the legal requirements to sell honey within the province of Saskatchewan.

Honey & Products of the Hive Sales Program

The Club attends several local trade shows including Agribition. Members are welcome to provide honey and other products of the hive for sale during those events. Prices are set by the club, which receives a portion of the sales. Products must also meet certain legal requirements.

Click Here for Honey & Products of the Hive Sales Program Details

Annual General Meeting

The Club hosts a day-long winter event that includes topical guest speakers, networking, and suppliers.

Marketing Support

The Club encourages members to actively promote responsible beekeeping in the community and provides downloadable PDF brochures that can be printed by members.

Beekeeper Resources

The Club provides a comprehensive best practice and local beekeeping information resource library on this web site and on a Regina Bee TV YouTube Channel to enable members and anyone interested in beekeeping to learn how to keep health bees and produce healthy honey.
ReginaBeeTV YouTube Channel

Swarm Removal Program

Club members will go to private homes to collect honeybee swarms and to remove bumblebees.

Speakers Program

Club members are available to speak in the community about beekeeping.

Teachers Educational Resources

The Club provides downloadable beekeeping resources for teachers.

Online Facebook Community

The Club manages and active Facebook community where members can share, network and discuss bees.