Club Executives

The RDBC Executive consists of 6 volunteer positions. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 director positions. Each executive member is elected during our members’ annual general meeting in the spring and holds their position for a 2 year term. Executive duties are spread out across the board. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are selected by the the board itself at it’s first meeting, and the President must have had previous experience on the board before becoming President. Under the constitution, an executive member can only serve for two consecutive terms (i.e. a total of four years in a row) without taking a break of at least one year.


Andrew Hamilton


I moved to Regina in 2005 and soon after bought my first colony and started splitting it. I operated 16 colonies for a number of years. In 2013 my wife and I bought a farm and started Hamilton Apiaries. I currently operate 300 of my own colonies and assist my father with his 150 colonies. I am an Electrical Technologist and Electrician by trade but quite my job shortly into the start of covid to be more available for my 4 kids. In 2021 I started Hamco Electric and Controls to fill in my time when I am not beekeeping or parenting. I’m an 8th generation beekeeper; my family has been beekeeping in Canada for the last 4 generations. I last served on the club board from 2012 to 2015 and am excited to be back. Check out my webpage


Janine Heinrich

Vice President

I began beekeeping as a girl helping my dad with his hives by aiding in the bee yard as his helper. In 2010 I attended my first Regina Bee club AGM and purchased my first hive. Today I am still keeping bees with my father and kept between 3-5 hives. I find sharing products from the hive very rewarding and enjoy talking to people about bees. One of my favorite things to do is try local honey and other hive products when traveling.


Marion Leniczek


Marion Leniczek grew up a city girl in Calgary, but has always loved nature. She moved to her husband’s family farm, near Lemberg, Saskatchewan, in the early 90’s to start farming organically. Marion and Charles were looking for a hobby that would take them into their retirement years, and had been very interest in beekeeping. It works well with their organic operation clover rotations. She and Charles have been managing eight hives for three years now. Marion has been on boards in the past with the Organic Industry, and is looking forward to contributing in whatever way she can with the Regina and District Bee Club.


Candy Klaudeman


Candy Klaudeman works as a medical transcriptionist, contracting from her home in Regina. She comes to the Club board having acquired her well-rounded administrative skills throughout the past 35 years working in various professional office, retail, and call centre positions, as well as wrote and taught her own computer skills courses in the community. She and her husband are hobby beekeepers, going on their 4th year in 2021.


Avril Biggin


I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 17 years, and a beekeeper for 6. The Regina Bee Club and its members were so supportive during my first few years of beekeeping (they still are) and I’m excited to give back to this amazing community!


Daphne Murphy


My fascination with bees began in grade 6 when I did a school project on them. That summer I spent many hours sitting on the fence watching bees collect pollen in my mother’s garden. I’ve loved them ever since and always said I’d keep bees. Joined the bee club in the early 2000s and got my first hive in 2015! I love being an urban bee keeper. Started with a micro hive and after 2 years expanded to a standard Langstroth. Going into my sixth year bee keeping I love working with the bees and creating bee habitat for both native and honey bees in my yard. Still fascinated by watching them collect pollen all these many years later.


Sam Millard

Member at large

My interest in beekeeping started around five years ago, when I began reading every book I could get my hands on and attending every beekeeping workshop and course I could. I think my interest, like many beekeepers when they first get started, was verocious. I got bees one year later, but I still feel like I am learning new things every season. I now have eight colonies in the Gravelbourg area, and am slowly expanding every year. The Regina Bee club was a huge resource for me, between the mentorship program and the social networking. Now that I have the opportunity, it is my wish to give back to the club as much as I can.