About the Club

Club History

The Regina and District Bee Club has been active in the City of Regina for over fifty years as a cooperative for ordering honey bees and as a network for education and information on beekeeping.
It is a priority to inform members about current issues in the beekeeping industry to ensure that a proactive role is taken with all industry issues such as bee diseases, mites and pesticides.

The Regina and District Bee Club participates in the Agri-Ed Show Case at Canadian Western Agribition. The focus is to educate children from Grades 4-6 about agriculture and food. Club members volunteer their time to speak about the bees and beekeeping to well in excess of 10,000 visitors each year.

The Regina and District Bee Club in partnership with the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association profile the bee keeping industry as a whole in the Trade Show area in order to:

  • Promote and sell products of the hive;
  • Inform visitors about the industry and its role in the Saskatchewan economy; and
  • Develop a relationship with other Saskatchewan agriculture producers.


Because each region’s climate is unique and affects how honeybees adapt, it’s important to learn local beekeeping skills. Joining the Regina and District Bee Club is about learning, networking and mentoring.
As a cooperative for beekeepers, the Regina and District Bee Club enables members to buy high-quality locally reared bees and queens. The Club educates members and the public about beekeeping, promotes products of the hive, and promotes the beekeeping industry.

  • educate children about bees and other pollinating insects
  • attend public community events such as Cathedral Arts Festival, Regina Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony Under the Sky and Canadian Western Agribition
  • promote and sell honey, wax and other products from the hive
  • develop relationships with other Saskatchewan agricultural producers.

The Club shares best practice knowledge through events, the web site, and Facebook page. New beekeepers are able to connect, network and learn from experienced local beekeepers, provincial regulators and the Mentor Program.